Lam (2kindone) wrote,

September 11th......

In a day like today, where remembrance and reflection is necessary..... We should all be thankful for what we have, especially our family and friends.

And with that in mind . . .

A certain someone has recently been removed from my brothers' and I life. Although it might have been there choice to take away there friendship, and ours also, this is my little way of extending my hand/friendship out to them. On a day like today, I realize that I myself may have acted with too much emotion and without enough thought. And with that in mind, I ask myself, and "them" to think... Isn't everything we've all put each other through seem so ridiculous and unnecessary? Cause in one moment of any day, we might never have the ability to be friends.... So instead of wasting this time we've been given, shouldn't we take full advantage of it and make the most of our time with each other ? Learning and appreciating what all of us have to offer each other and this world ?

Just something to think about it.....

I'll be the first out of all of us to say, "I'm sorry".

You know where to find me.
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