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Heavy rain ....

There's something about heavy rain outside my window that really comforts me. Especially in the summer when it's still hot as hell out, and the rain comes down and really refreshes everything. It really puts me in a good mood.....

Well things have been great as of late. I ventured down to my old stomping grounds, good ol' Richmond, Virginia. I miss it like hell to say the least. Not Richmond itself, but the people that are there. Ever since I've moved away, my life has improved drastically. Everything has come together for me and honestly I can't feel more blessed, since I've left there. But since I'm moved, I have yet to stumble upon one person that is 1/2 the friend that my friends in Richmond are. (excluding my girlfriend of course)

The reason I returned to Richmond was because it was a dear friend of mines birthday, Rikka. She's nothing of short a great friend, and it's always SOOO MUCH FUN to be around her. A group of all of our old friends, met up for dinner and drinks at the Hardshell. A scrumptious seafood restaurant, that opens it windows when the weather is nice and warm. Warm to them, is most likely HOT to me, and yes, I was sweating through dinner. Luckily my boy Brandon was next to me, and as always, we sat around bitching about how hot it was, and how crazy the restaurant was for opening the windows in 70 degree weather.

Following dinner, Brandon and I returned to his home, to hangout for a bit, as the rest of our friends bar-hopped. Bar-hopping, clubbing... whatever. It's all boring to Brandon and I. And as usual we left dinner early, with our now infamous line of,"Hey, we'll meet you out later k?" Anyhows, since leaving Richmond, there is nothing more that I starve for than, good old fashion bullshitting with my boyz. And let me tell you, if there's anyone I can sit around and bullshit with, it's my boy B.

We finally met up with everyone, and that's when the night pretty much started. We met up at a friends house and ............ DID NOTHING!!! And let me tell you, it was the fucking BOMB !!! Perfect, I couldn't have asked for anything better than that. For once, I had time to chat w/ every friend that I wanted too, and at the same time ignore the ones that I didnt' feel the urge to talk to (u know who u are). It was great.

Night ending at 5am in the morning. I stumbled home and got about 2 hours of sleep. Only to be awoken by Paula, asking me to get going so we wouldnt' waste the day. I struggled through the morning, and made it to NOVA in good shape. She and I decided to watch "Identity" w/ John Cusack. IT TOTALLY TOOK ME OUT OF MY FUNK, and had me jumping everywhere. GREAT MOVIE. GO WATCH IT.

Rest of the weekend was spent having quality time with the folks. Paula and I haven't done so in awhile, so we just stayed in pretty much, and it was absolutely relaxing. At this point in my life...theres only 3 things that really make me happy.....

My family, Paula, and my friends....

What more do you need, right ????

Oh wait....ok.... Money and Paul van Dyk Livesets.
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