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Here's the latest on what's been going on in my life :

First and foremost, I was graced by the presence of my brother this past thursday night. And although it was short-lived, it was great to catch up and see how well he was doing. In a nutshell, he's fallen in love with an amazing woman, and it's great to see that certain smile, that all guys make, that only a true love can render. And although it might have taken awhile for him to find this person, he's never waivered in who he is, or what he wants to be, and that in my eyes, is quite honorable. For there have been tons of people around me that I have seen, who have conformed to something they weren't, all in search of love in all the wrong places.

So my hats off to you, little bro . . . .

Otherwise from that, we both are looking forward to a Philadelphia weekend, March 8th, that will involve several of our good friends, Minh minh810, and G gerardngo. And also included, our respective girlfriends, Paula, Linda, and the newest addition to our crew, Mo mellowmo. It'll be a weekend full of conversing and catching up with people we havent' seen in awhile, and most importantly, an omakase dinner at

As far as the apartment is concerned, Paula and I have been slowly putting the pieces together as far as decorating is concerned. We've bought all the major pieces of furniture that we need, minus a coffee table. We're extremely excited, and looking forward to her roomate moving out, thus allowing us to start the fun task of us living out our own little version of Crib Crashers"!

This past weekend, Paula and I were both in dire need of some drinks, and some loud music. So we headed out to a private party (that including free drinks, a major selling point on us going there) at Tribecca in Philadelphia. We met up with some friends, Carlene and Rob, a couple who seems to have the possiblity of becoming very good friends of ours. Something that we are BOTH extremely excited about. After a night full of Vodka Cranberrys and Cosmopolitans, at several different clubs and bars in Old City, we stumbled home (safely), and crashed.

On sunday we headed out to Spring City, PA , where Paula's parents live for a celebration of her mothers birthday. We purchased a long overdue Coach bag, that Paula's mom wanted, and she seeemed extremely happy and grateful at the gesture. After many chicken wings, and kimchee pancakes, I headed home, and relaxed with my girl as we both contemplated and complained about my departure the following morning.

Lastly and most importantly, I wanted to wish all my fellow asians

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