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I'm back . . .

It's been awhile I must say.

First and foremost, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Dawn pinaysmurfette and my cousin Khoa cudenlon they recently were engaged on Valentines day in a little romantic rendezvous that Khoa planned out meticulously beforehand. Rather pimp I must say, and my hats off to him for doing such a great job, and working so hard to get where he is today. I have nothing but respect and love for him, for he's one of few in my family of cousins, that I feel I have a bond with.

Secondly, my apartment-to-be is finally starting to look like "home" to me. Paula and I have worked hard for 9 months saving and cutting corners in order to be able to decorate, and furnish our apartment the way we want it to be. Our brand new queen size bed was delivered on friday, and is at the moment being put to the test with many hours of sleep and relaxation being clocked on that mamma jamma.

More importantly (remember I'm a guy) my brand new 47" wide screen Samsung digital HDTV was delivered to me on saturday. I must say I was in awe of it when the delivery guys brought it down the steps into the apartment. I almost didn't want to touch it, in fear that I would leave fingerprints on the screen or any unnecessary dirt on the exterior. I rushed to plug it in, and eagerly ran across the room where my couch was going to be, kicked back, and looked up, waiting to experience, TRUE DIGITAL TELEVISION.

True television, was not what I experienced. Instead, I saw a grainy and pix-ely screen, and almost fell flat on my face at what had just transpired.

FUCK. I bought a shitty TV. OR My new TV is fucked up. (pardon the language, but this is the only way I can express how I felt at the time What I did realize was that if I laid down on the ground and looked from different angles that my TV was great, but if I looked head on at eye level(the way most people in America watch there tv) than the picture wasn't good at all. (note to myself at the time "No I didn't just spend more than a grand for a TV that looks only good when laying on the ground")

Ok. Don't Panic. It's the cable. It must be the cable connection. So instead of watching a shitty TV, I unplugged it, and swore I would get to Bestbuy the next day and get a new connection for my beautiful 47" Samsung digital HDTV. (Sorry but I love the sound of that . :)

The next day came, and along with 20 inches of snow also. NO bestbuy. Fuck it. I plugged in my TV, and to my astonishment saw something that wasn't quite right. How come the cable cord was plugged into the "OUT" outlet? That's not supposed to go there. I quickly switched the cords, ran across the room, sat down at eye level...... AND ....... YESSSSSSS .... we have a clear picture .... and I'm not even laying on the ground !!!!!!!!!

I'm a dummy. The TV is not.

Besides that, the apartment has been coming along at an unusually fast pace. Paula and I really did plan perfect for this move. I couldn't be more happy or excited at what lies ahead for us in that place. The crowning piece of our apartment, our microfiber sectional with chaise is being dropped off this sunday. And we're extremely excited to finally finish all this, and go back to saving money for more pressing matters.

But before we can really start to save, we've got several things planned in the near future:

Feb.21-22: New York City for Paul Van Dyk

Feb.28-March 2: Skiing at Seven Springs w/ Wootang and Brandon

March 7-9: Family visit. Gerard, Minh, Linda, Lu, Mo come to visit and a quick omakase stop @ Morimotos'

March 14-16 : RICHMOND... HERE I COME !!!! (Much needed visit to see my old friends and to hangout with my dawgs. Long overdue. Looking forward to seeing Brandon, Rikka, Janice, and many others. </b>
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